Lakes & Waterfalls


Natural water bodies

The Biois Valley also offers the opportunity to reach numerous water bodies immersed in alpine nature. The “Lach dei Negher” is certainly one of the most evocative. Of natural origin, this lake is located near the Negher mountain pass at 2,205m above sea level, at the foot of the Marmolada Group. Famous not only for its panoramic view but also for the colors it assumes, the Lach dei Negher is a famous tourist destination both for hikers from the Biois Valley and for those from the Pettorina Valley.

Another lake from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view and the peaks of the Dolomites reflected on the water, is the Cavia Lake – a reservoir at 2,102m above sea level. In summer, you can easily reach it from Camping Eden, by taking the Falcade-Le Buse cable car and then continuing along a simple path.

In the Biois Valley, the magic of the waterfalls is spellbinding. A short and simple path from the village of Sappade leads to the Barezze waterfall, a 10m water drop of the Gavon stream, very much appreciated by families. The two Comelle waterfalls in the nearby Val Garès are even more majestic. The first one can be reached in a few minutes on foot from Pian delle Giare, along an itinerary suitable for families. By continuing on the CAI 704 path, with a slight difference in altitude, you reach the second one, the spectacular high waterfall of the Comelle.