Fauna & Flora


Animal species of the Dolomites

The Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site, are endowed with an extraordinary biodiversity richness. Falcade and the whole Agordo area are home to plant and animal species that extraordinarily adapt to the extreme conditions of the winter seasons. Its fauna is composed of squirrels, foxes, roe deers and deers colonizing the valley floor, while marmots, chamois and ibex stand out at high altitude. Finally, raising our eyes to the sky we find Her – the imposing golden eagle


A rich and fascinating world

In spring, snow melting gives way to gentians, heather, edelweiss, colorful lilies and much more. Many of them are still used in cuisine for the creation of typical dishes or used in the flavoring of traditional grappa such as, for example, “carugo” wild fennel, silver fir and mugo pine